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Nomad Inn Hotel

Your Luxury in Şanlıurfa

Nomad Inn offers a comfortable and spacious accommodation experience following the restoration true to the original Historic Urfa Houses. Rooms, meticulously positioned in a structure built with Urfa stone, boast unique views overlooking the courtyard or the historic city. This special architecture adds a sense of spaciousness and a unique atmosphere to our rooms.

Our boutique hotel features a kitchen that offers the tastes of Şanlıurfa’s local cuisine. In addition to unique flavors from world cuisine created by our expert chef and team, a variety of options from the local cuisine are also presented to delight our guests’ palates.

Our rooms are designed with every comfort and convenience in mind for our guests; we provide elite services such as room service, free Wi-Fi, WC, bath-shower facilities, ironing service, reception services, car rental service, and various tour organizations.

Nomad Inn provides its guests with a comfortable and unforgettable accommodation experience by combining traditional Urfa living with modern amenities.

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